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Colorado Ranchers Club Scenery MEGA PACK

This scenery pack is to enhance the few airports that used to be operated by the Colorado Ranchers Club, a group from FSEconomy.

Featured airports/airstrips are :
44CO Redlands (38.838817, -107.793411)
9CO3 Hubbard (38.674989, -108.988319)
CO03 Aspen (39.259950, -106.911536)
81CO Mesa 1 (40.405047, -106.820961)
25CO Crystal lakes (40.851842, -105.631928)
1CO2 Williams Ranch (38.163075, -108.339011)
CO47 Gypsum Creek Ranch (39.597825, -106.974617)
5CO6 Meyer Ranch (39.549717, -105.280136)
KGWS Gleenwood Spring (39.506231, -107.309272)
CD10 Chapman Field (37.676689, -106.556494)
0CO2 Crested Butte Airpark Airport (38.851806, -106.928120)
92CO Lake Creek Soaringport (38.207492, -105.464272)
1CO7 Dodsworth Airport (38.552342, -105.991219)
CO95 Wilson Ranch (38.056550, -107.976128)
17CO Monte Madeira (37.319381, -108.167808)
9CO9 Phylcon Ranch (39.086767, -108.217828)
CO22F Greenhorn Valley (see note) (37.959514, -104.784810)
5CO5 Rocky Mountain (fictional) (38.789519, -104.967133)
CO61 Golden Field (yellow Hat) (37.842201, -105.213997)
33CO Melby Ranch Airstrip (37.064999, -105.463997)

The Colorado Ranchers Club used to operate between various ranches in the Rocky Mountain region.

Some of the ranches focus on horseback riding, with trail riding and rodeo taking center stage. Other ranches are all about luxury - the food, the lodging, the spa.

Most offer a variety of activities for all ages: hiking, rafting, biking, skiing, riding, and fishing.

All Colorado Ranchers Club locations specialize in creating unforgettable vacations full of fresh air, activity, and friends.

note CO22F is an airport located near Colorado City different from CO22 from FS2020. To avoid problems and have a better FSEconomy experience, the CO22 airport from FS2020 has been closed in this package.

How do I install it ?

Like all other mods :

It is higly recommanded to use Dave’s Crooked Libraray with this package in order to have all the objects of the sceneries

Current version v1.12.4 released on 2023-10-09
Download link and changelog

Happy flying in the Colorado mountains !