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About me

I’m bagolu, from Lyon, France and I’m pleased to have you here; You will find here a compilation of my mods for MSFS on this website.

I started flight simulator modding with MSFS, right after the very first release : As I was flying for a starting group in FSEconomy, named the Colorado Ranchers Club, I realised bush airports were very empty and could gain a few decorations, bringing it up to the role play of the group. That’s how I started to use the SDK and worked on a few scenes. Looking for flight groups, I also crossed the path of the Bush League Legends and discovered that plane modding was a thing with CarbonProp delivering excellent mods over the default asobo’s XCub. That was also the time when Jonx started to post his first videos on how to dig into the simulator files and build your own plane from scratch.

All of this led me to work on the Cessna 172 and build a STOL capable variant. A more powered engine, huge tires, strong flaps and STOL camber cuffs. Thanks to Microsoft game content usage, the existing external model of the Cessna 172 could be modified. This made me meet a lot of new friends helping me with liveries, tests, etc. There was the Bush 172.

As a popular request, the Taildragger 172 followed, same kind of modifications, new kind of toy !

Natural evolution : the amphibian member of the family : in a time when there was almost no seaplane in the simulator, amphibians were very welcomed !

As I was also flying with Neofly almost from the beginning, I also worked to add objects, effects and a tow plane based on the Cessna 152.

In 2022, I collaborated with Cessna2807 to work on the Reims Rocket edition.