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Alps altiports

This is a collection of altiports and altisurfaces in the French Alps.

Most of the time these airfields are very simple, short and ephemeral runways.

They are presented as “airports” although they do not have valid ICAO, but a code that is not compatible with MSFS2020 syntax.

So they will be displayed on the map but they will not be available through search or teleport with that ICAO (only with the numeric part. ex: 1481)

Currently included in the pack :
AG1481 Glacier De La Chiaupe (45.488250, 6.771189)
LF7322 Glacier de l’Etendard (45.170758, 6.167062)
LF7324 Glacier de la Grande Motte (45.421343, 6.885659)
LF7328 Valmorel (45.457691, 6.413559)
LF7329 Altiports les Vaugellas (45.608769, 6.703631)
LF7421 Altiport du Col de Cenise (46.021633, 6.451419)
LF7422 Altiport du Glacier d’Argentière (45.940808, 6.999903)
LF7423 Altiport du Glacier de Talèfre (45.908297, 6.983950)
LF7424 Altisurface du Glacier Du Dome Du Goûter (45.843728, 6.843628)
LF7425 Altisurface du Glacier Du Tacul (45.890383, 6.939339)
LF7426 Glacier du Tour (45.977956, 7.016750)
LF7427 Morzine Avoriaz (46.197166, 6.761546)
LF7430 Saint-Roch Mayères (45.949111, 6.587117)
LF7470 Cervens ULM (46.293421, 6.445998)
LF3822 Altisurface Crête de Bouffier (45.040508, 5.886894)
LF3825 Altisurface Col de Sarenne (45.084597, 6.145386)
LF3856 Altisurface Oulles La Bergerie (45.066200, 5.962508)
LF38XX Altisurface Villard Notre Dame (45.024356, 6.035381)

Also included in the pack :

If you already have downloaded them separatly, you can ignore them in the zip file.

How do I install it ?

Like all other mods :

From v1.0.0, airports are individual projects delivered in one single zip file.

Current version v1.8.0 released on 2021-10-05
Download link and changelog

Overriding mods

My pack is made of simple and minimalistc altiports. Other moders have made more elaborate and nicer versions.

If you don’t want one of the airport, simply remove the corresponding folder from your community folder. And you can then use another one like theses ones:

Recommanded mods

Theses are compatible mods extending the Altisurface flying experience :

I hope you will have fun visiting, taking off and landing to theses unusual and nice places.

Venez vous émerveiller dans les Alpes !