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Alps altiports

  • Mod release date : 2020-11-18
  • Mod last update : 2021-10-05
  • Mod current version : v1.8.0

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Current version : v1.8.0 (2021-10-05)
Current file :
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Mod information, how to install...

See more information and installation notes on Alps altiports mod page


🚧 New release : v1.8.0

Fix :

New airfield :

🚧 New release : v1.7.0

Fixes :

Additions :

Enjoy the Alps !

🚧 New release : v1.5.0

New altiports added to the pack :

You can also find included 3 altiports developped by Zaelu :

🚧 New release : v1.4.0

With SU5, a small update was required : 7422 : terraforming 7427 : terraforming 7430 : rename 3822 : fix name 7423 : terrraforming 38xx : moved runway between roads

Don’t forget you can install all theses altiports or remove some of them to install better alternatives made by other moders.

Enjoy the Alps !

🚧 New release : v1.3.1

World update 4 Support

A lot of work has been done in that area by Asobo (elevation fixes) This is an update to correct runways elevations.

🚧 New release : v1.3.0

🚧 New release : v1.2.1

🚧 New release : v1.2.0

This is a minor update, no new airport this time.

🚧 New release : v1.1.0

If someone knows the real code for Villard Notre Dame, I would be glad to replace its name.

🚧 New release : v1.0.0

Upgrade note :

🚧 New release : v0.3.1

You should have a look at and install it too. This mod is a much more realistic mod of this altiport than the one I only made to exist :)

🚧 New release : v0.2.0