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FR172 Reims Rocket / Cessna R172 Hawk XP II

bagolu & MBX Aviation are happy to present you this free mod bringing an iconic member of the Cessna 172 family having an interesting power gain.

How do I install it ?

Like all other mods :

Current version v4.2.1 released on 2024-06-03
Download link and changelog
There’s a discussion thread on MSFS forums for this mod.

If you want to get the last version with G1000 cockpit : here is the link. It won’t be maintained anymore.

What are Reims Rocket and Hawk XPII ?

The FR172 Reims Rocket was produced by Reims Aviation in France from the late 1960s to the mid-1970s. It was powered by a Rolls-Royce built, fuel-injected, Continental IO-360-H(B) 210 hp (160 kW) engine with a constant-speed propeller.

The Reims Rocket led to Cessna producing the R172K Hawk XP, a model available from 1977 to 1981 from both Wichita and Reims. This configuration featured a fuel-injected, Continental IO-360K derated to 195 hp (145 kW) with a two-bladed, constant-speed propeller. The Hawk XP was capable of a 131-knot (243 km/h) cruise speed. (wikipedia)

What’s in this mod ?

This mod is based on the C172SP from asobo, thanks to the to Games content usage rules.

Flight model

The flight model has been modified to match the Reims Rocket aptitudes :

Visual details

The external and internal 3D model have been modified


The mod includes liveries from real Reims Rocket or Hawk XP II airplanes.

Most of the liveries for Asobo C172SP should be easy to convert to this plane. You may expect modifications on the nose plane.

A specific paint kit is available : mbx-bagolu-reims-fr172-reims-rocket-paintkit-template

What’s planned for the future ?


You may find incompatibility with mods that update default html library in MSFS. Please report them if it’s the case.


Cessna2807 : Liveries, ton of references,

bagolu : 3D, flight model, textures

A lot of the instruments were taken from Sal1800’s devkit on github. Opensource resources are not a common thing on MSFS, hats off to him !

Many thanks to Ann0v and whiskytango208 for the liveries they gave !

Thanks to AirMoose1, Pops738, Ann0v, xvx45, RtwoD for the test and debug, fixes…