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Cessna 172 Amphibian

Cessna 172 amphibian with an upgraded engine, strong flaps and STOL camber cuffs.

Splash & fun !

A powerfull member of the short take-off and landing capable Skyhawk family built on a Lycoming 210HP ST, the C172 Bush Kit, the C172 Tail dragger, the C172 Amphibian.

How do I install it ?

Like all other mods :

Current version v1.5.0 released on 2022-09-30
Download link and changelog

This is a plane patch over Asobo’s Skyhawk and adds a new plane to your hangar (located at the begining : letter C… like Cessna)

Cockpit settings

You will find two variants to download :

Note with the classic model : some features may not work (the xml files from the original plane are encrypted).

Current known issues :

  • fuel selector locked on left side (if you have the bug on the Asobo classic 172 you wil have it here too)

3D model modifications

Model modifications of the original Asobo Skyhawk plane included :

Flight model modifications

Liveries included

Several liveries are included with this plane :

Notes to livery makers :

EzRyder has made a very nice ALLInOne C172 Template. Don’t miss that paint kit.

Also, don’t miss the blender multi template pack from AIRPAC1

Flight model

Flight model is based on reaperS73 work on the C172 STC 210HP STOL G1000 and allows to operate in a STOL mode in bush locations.

Where to sealand

Well obviously, anywhere ! You will find a lot of very nice customized places with seaports, pontoons, marinas on If you have no idea where to start, look at the nice seaports in Alaska made by Photosbykev and sjfly2.

Norway fjords are also a very nice place to fly : See thes multi-parts charter pilot adventures from Koschi : Norway’s fjords

About this work

3D model has been made with blender from the export of Skyhawk G1000 Asobo’s original model.

All the external textures and animations had to be redone and match the original definitions.

A huge thanks to Jonx’s developpement series that helped a LOT.

Many thanks to EzRyder who figured it out how to use the classic cockpit, MikeFear303 for the classic cockpit xml & systems trick !