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Cessna 172 Bushkit

  • Mod release date : 2021-03-09
  • Mod last update : 2024-06-03
  • Mod current version : v3.0.2

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Current version : v3.0.2 (2024-06-03)
Current file :
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Mod information, how to install...

See more information and installation notes on Cessna 172 Bushkit mod page


🚧 New release : v3.0.2 (2024-06-03)


🚧 New release : v3.0.0 (2024-05-31)

Major rework, the same kind the taildragger has just received !

Please, note that old liveries will need to be updated for this plane : it’s like a new variant. Texture pictures will be fully compatible, it’s a matter of configuration and layout changes only ! Feel free to c ontact me if you need support.

That’s a lot of changes and even if they’re almost the same as the taildragger variant, I hope there won’t be too much bugs left here.

Fly low, land everywhere !

🚧 New release : v2.5.0


🚧 New release : v2.4.0

Fixed the discharging battery problem Fixed a sportsman 3D model glitch Fixed a missing front wheel texture Installed a new three blade propeller

Happy bushin’ !

🚧 New release : v2.3.1

Fix :

Thanks to Ann0v for the texture fix

🚧 New release : v2.3.0

Fixes :

I have not started the flight model tuning update yet. I’ll do it as soon as I can !

Asobo has not replied to my access request to the missing (encrypted) files. I hope they’ll do.

Known bugs :

I hope you’ll enjoy this new version, happy flying !

🚧 New release : v2.1.3

Bug fixes and new features :

There is still work to do on this model, especialy with the flight model that is still overpowered.

I have asked Asobo the access to the missing (encrypted) files of the classic version in order to have a fully working cockpit. I hope they’ll grant it to modders

🚧 New release : v2.1.2

Model update :

🚧 New release : v2.1.1

🚧 New release : v2.1.0

Model update :

Liveries update in collaboration with ANN0V :

Muddy runaways are now yours ! Enjoy your bush flights !

🚧 New release : v2.0.1

🚧 New release : v2.0.0

I hope you’ll enjoy this new release.

Please note that you MUST remove the older directory : bagolu-c172-bush from your community folder. You should have either or both : bagolu-c172-bush-g1000 bagolu-c172-bush-classic

🚧 New release : v1.1.0

Fixes in this update :

Visual fixes:

Model animations:


Flight model :

Concerning the texture rework, I removed the Kenmore decals as it is not possible to work on classical liveries with them. A new default livery has been added with an additional one.