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Cessna 172SP Skyhawk AS1000 improvement

This is an improvement mod of one the default planes from MSFS made by Asobo, the Skyhawk with Garmin 1000 variant. It adds interior animations, new objects and passengers, various options inside and outside the plane.

How do I install it ?

Like all other mods :

Current version v1.15.2 released on 2024-05-14
Download link and changelog

What’s in this mod ?

When installing this mod, it replaces the default Skyhawk AS1000 (no new plane in the hangar). You’ll have to select the “default” Asobo C172 Skyhawk AS1000 plane from the hangar.

TLDR : Vidéo demo for version 1.3.0


Mod name Compatible? Remarks
WT G1000NXI Yes Selected by default
MGouge425’s Asobo C172SP AS1000 Realism Mod Yes Fully compatible. Higly recommended to improve plane performance realism
Boris Audio Work CESSNA 172 SOUND SET Yes Boris himself made it compatible
Asobo default liveries NO Only the default one is supported. The others are not : Kenmore but neither the awfull ones : 01, Aviatorsclub, test pilot, xbox aviatorclub
Custom liveries MAYBE See note about liveries
B78XH mod YES mod was reported to cause side effects (it affects other planes too) but I have modified my code to avoid the problems
New light NO The mod conflicts
PMS GTN750 mods NO not until they’re updated to use override_base_container
WBSims classic mod YES not related to this plane (it’s for classic variant)
My other C172 mods YES not modified by this mod, but compatible


AS1000 variant : What about a classic gauges variant ?

This mod is made from Asobo’s Skyhawk AS1000 thanks to Games content usage rules : I have imported 3D model in Blender, modified and exported it to build this mod.

There will be no classic gauges mod based on Asobo’s Skyhawk model as it is :

If you want a cockpit with gauges you can use my Reims Rocket mod


Thanks to Cessna2807, Ann0v, Pops738, xvx45 for the test and debug, fixes…

I hope you’ll enjoy this mod and take more pleasure in your future flights !

Happy skyhawking !