Bagolu's face

Cessna 172 Angle of Attack

Chris Palmer's plane, the Cessna 172 N2423U

Equiped with larger wheels

Custom liveries (clean and dirty)

How do I install it ?

Like all other mods :

Current version v1.1.1 released on 2022-09-30
Download link and changelog

This is a plane patch over Asobo’s Skyhawk and adds a new plane to your hangar (located at the begining : letter C… like Cessna)


Chris from AngleOfAttack came to me with this request of having his own plane in MSFS. His ideas were to get the real plane feeling : custom livery and special wheels that gives its unique look and angle. If you’re familiar with Chris’s videos, you’ll probably recognize a personnal touch when starting the plane.

Cockpit settings

You will find two variants to download :

3D model modifications

Model modifications of the original Asobo Skyhawk plane included


Liveries included

Special huge thanks to ANNOV for the liveries.

Throttle On!